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Cloud Platform

Research has shown that most companies have not realized the full potential of their cloud investments.  Our focus at Cloudneo is to help our customers define truly intelligent and practical cloud solutions.

Identity Management Services

Cloud-based identity and access management services help your team sign in and access resources, inside or outside the corporate network 

Our Discovery offering focuses on evaluating enterprise identity strategy, existing solutions & identifying opportunities around authentication, security, provisioning and governance.  

Engage us to collaborate on tooling and technologies which maximize the benefits from your existing cloud investments. 

Apps & Single Sign-on

Is your single-sign-on solution working for you or against you? Let us help you leverage the power of  seamless access to all essential applications via a single portal – predictably and across your SaaS vendors. 

Our extensive experience in deploying end-to-end SSO solutions have resulted in some 2,200 integrated applications for our clients 

Secure Cloud

Cloud Security is a priority for every organization. Security remains one of the key blockers to move specific workloads to the cloud, especially in highly regulated industries.  

Our Secure Cloud services are truly innovative, offering increased speed to secure, communicate, and transform businesses.   

CloudNeo’s cloud security services provide premium security consulting and implementation services allowing your business to remain vigilant and up-to-date with optimal security in the digital cloud era

Modern Management

A mobile-enabled workforce is the future for every organisation.  Getting it right now across device personas is vital for working securely and successfully across geographies and key business units.

Cloud-defined management

Cloud-based device management is the new credo with Microsoft and other vendors turning on-premises technologies on their head

Cloudneo can inform your journey to cloud management with clear migration paths and no impact on user experience

Engage us to discover and showcase technologies to realize the full benefits and cost savings involved. 

Securing Apps and Devices

In an uncertain world, apps and data are on devices that need to be secure anywhere

We have helped many organisations to embrace MDM and MAM for numerous device personas, including Windows 10, Mac, iOS and Android 

Bring it all together for regulated and BYOD users with Cloudneo

Remote workforce enablement

As the recent Covid-19 experience has shown, a well-supported remote workforce can be critical to business operations

Our systematic and secure approach to leveraging VPN, device policies, remote workspaces and device security produces results.   

CloudNeo works with the best in the industry to provide ‘ready-now’ solutions to protect and enhance your distributed workforce

Read our perspectives, latest thoughts and how-tos

App Integration to key Cloud Providers

  We're delighted to announce a new addition to our core service lines - a tiered engagement model to help customers integrate applications to their cloud identity providers.  Cloudneo can help you realise the benefits and fully leverage your existing...

Adopting Zero-Trust with Microsoft Azure – 1 Day Workshop

  Zero Trust has managed to both inspire and confuse the cyber security industry at the same time. A significant reason for the confusion is that Zero Trust isn’t a specific technology, but a security strategy. Zero Trust will build on many of your existing...

Services update for Mobile – Cloudneo partners with Lookout

With 2020 starting a new decade in Endpoint Security, the agile organisation will scrutinize their Mobile estate with the same focus as traditional PCs and Laptops.  Threat vectors are now as common and destructive on mobile platforms as anywhere else. Cloudneo now...

Cloud Identity and Security Assessment

A further addition to our core service lines, this multi-day assessment is targeted at helping customers evaluate current Cloud Identity and Security deployment patterns.  Cloudneo will carry out an analysis of your ‘current state’ and then evaluate this against best...

Azure AD Graph APIs using PowerShell

So you want to use the Graph API to interact with AzureAD or Intune?  Then normally you need to follow these generic steps to execute Graph APIs from your programs or scripts.  Register Application and Get App Key&ID  Assign appropriate Permissions   Request for...

Time to consider Azure B2B lifecycle management

In a growing 'cloud first-mobile first' world, data sharing and collaboration with external organisations is becoming one of the key differentiators for successful organisations.   How does Microsoft provide external users to access to Azure Resources  Microsoft...

Capitalizing on SSO investments

As more organizations embark on their cloud/digital transformation journey; identity, security, infrastructure, developer technologies are rated as priority workloads to design, plan & deploy.  One of key success metrics being assessed happens to be user...