Adopting Zero-Trust with Azure - Synopsis


Zero Trust has managed to both inspire and confuse the cyber security industry at the same time. A significant reason for the confusion is that Zero Trust isn’t a specific technology, but a security strategy.

Zero Trust will build on many of your existing security investments, so you may already have made progress on this journey.  Cloudneo can help shape that with you in a short, results-led workshop that unlocks and enables Zero Trust for your organisation, highlighting:

  • Describe the Zero Trust Journey and Maturity Model
  • Learn how to advance Zero Trust with your identity and user access strategy, incorporating password-less technology
  • Understanding and applying user and device compliance with Conditional Access
  • Secure Identities, devices, sessions and data on an un-trusted network with Azure and Intune
  • Map and plan your organisation’s approach for adoption and roll-out
  • Profiling your vendor technologies and roadmaps
  • Analyzing your core, perimeter and VPN networks to identify Zero-Trust capabilities


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